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CNSO Studios   Recording Studios in Prague

Two albums of Paul Potts recorded in CNSO studios


Czech National Symphony Orchestra is proud to have recorded Paul Potts two albums including the latest album Passione in the CNSO Studios.

(from Paul Potts' website)

Posted 3rd February 2009


After a short break at the end of the tour, it was time to get back in the studio again.  For this album, I am alternating between Stockholm and Prague for recording, so it’s a good opportunity to get to know Stockholm a little better and to get to know Prague at all!  Stockholm in the run up to Christmas was a wonderful place to be and it felt very Christmassy, (although in Sweden, they celebrate Christmas most on Christmas Eve). For this album, I am working with the Czech National Symphony Orchestra, who I have just found out I will be performing at a concerts with the same orchestra at the Smentana Hall in Prague in July 24&25.


It’s great to be working with another fantastic orchestra, and they have a lovely rich sound to them.  It’s good to get my teeth into a new sets of songs and arias, and I hope that you will all enjoy listening to them when the album is released in the Spring.