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CNSO Studios   Recording Studios in Prague

Pietro e Lucia


The original rock-symphony opera-ballet drama “Pietro e Lucia“ has been recorded in CNSO studios with Czech National Symphony Orchestra conducted by Marcello Rota

The original rock-symphony opera-ballet drama “Pietro e Lucia“ has been written on the basis of the novel “Pierre et Luce“ by famous French writer and humanist Romain Rolland, the 1916 literature Nobel Laureate.


The rock-symphony opera-ballet form of “Peter and Lucy” with the Italian title “Pietro e Lucia” (with the subtitle “The Requiem for 20th Century) is not only an attempt on wider and multilayer artistic reflexion of senseless suffering of mankind in the last century of the second millennium, carried over in form of local wars and international terrorism also to the first century of the new millennium, but also the story of reconciliation, faith and hope that the third millennium will bring on wings of child’s innocence and purity a spiritual space to respect each other again and understand that the unspotted child’s hands in ourselves will reach one day the imaginary doorhandle of the temple of human heart opened for love and humble prayer of our return to the God of goodness in men…


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