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CNSO Studios   Recording Studios in Prague


Europe’s Production Center in Prague for more than 80 years


For more than eighty years, since 1931, Barrandov Studios have been the location of choice for  the production of more than 2,500 Czech and international films. The studios’ primary objective is to ensure the presence of all film-related fields and services in one convenient location. Barrandov Studios is the ideal production hub for international film and TV projects or commercials, and one of the key players in the global film production market.

"I have worked in practically all of the studios around the world and I think this is one of the finest. Nowhere else could we have made this film in the way we did here."
Roman Polanski, director, Oliver Twist

"I am simply fascinated by what Czech artists and craftsmen accomplished. Rome was built on the soundstages and I even have my own Sistine Chapel… and everything is so realistic.” Oliver Hirschbiegel, director, Borgia

“The studio personnel were very courteous and helpful. In addition, the studio did everything possible to meet the requirements of the production and especially those of Tom Cruise.”
Paul Hitchcock, producer, Mission: Impossible

Barrandov Studios is one of the oldest and biggest studio facilities in the Europe. It offers a network of freelance highly-skilled English-speaking crews, trained to Hollywood standards. They work at very competitive rates and have gained a wide range of experiences from numerous international film projects. Filmmakers can confidently bring a minimum crew to Prague and hire an expert team here. In addition, Barrandov Studios offer full production services through Barrandov Productions, a subsidiary company.

… Chronicles of Narnia I, II – Babylon A.D. – Hostel I, II, – The Omen 666 – Hannibal Rising – Doom – Oliver Twist – Alien vs. Predator – The Brothers Grimm – Hellboy – Van Helsing – XXX – Casino Royale – Borgias – Mission: Impossible IV…



Barrandov Studios
Krizeneckeho nam. 322
152 00 Prague 5
Czech Republic

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