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The CNSO is recording music for AUGUST FOOLS movie

August Fools is a romantic comedy set against the political backdrop of the Cold War. It is the story of ELSA, a middle-aged milliner and part-time clairvoyant in total control of her life-until the man she once loved and lost walks in through the door of her little hat shop, in Helsinki, in 1962. JAN a Czechoslovakian jazz musician, is in town to perform at the "International Festival of Peace and Friendship of the Youth of the World." For more than two decades Elsa has believed the man to be dead. Initially, Elsa wants to stay away from Jan -and especially from the Festival, which for her is just another attempt by the International Communists to brainwash the good, unususpecting citizens of Western countries, such as Finland. But Jan is persistent, persuasive, and charming. As Elsa eventually overcomes her fear of love and commitment, she realises there is only one solution if the two of them want to be together for more than seven days of the Festival. Jan has to defect to the West.

The recording is supervised by the composer of the scores Stein Berge Svendsen, and conducted by Tristan Willems.